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Super hydrophobic Coating Turns Regular Shoes Into Waterproof Shoes


Super Hydrophobic Coating Spray Turns Regular Shoes Into Waterproof Shoes Waterproof shoes are essential wear for any wet-weather adventurer. Don’t have waterproof hiking boots, waterproof sneakers or any other waterproof footwear?, No worries, our ultra hydrophobic nano coating sprays, UHC-Tex and AlwaysDry Textile & Leather spray. Both sprays are nano coating solutions. UHC-Tex is a […]

Superhydrophobic And Superoleophobic Phenomena In Nature

Have you ever noticed the superhydrophobic and superoleophobic phenomena in nature? There are lots of creatures have superhydrophobic and superoleophobic properties, from plants to tiny small bugs. Study and reproduce the superhydrophobic and superoleophobic characters will benefit various potential applications. All we know that lotus leaf is the best example for superhydrophobic and self-cleaning demonstration […]

Superhydrophobic Coating For Cars


Turn Your Cars Into Superhydrophobic, Anti-Scratch, Anti-UV & Self-cleaning! Have you ever driven in heavy rains? Bad vision is one of the main causes of accident in rainy day. It’s surprising but true that driving on a rainy day is more dangerous than driving on a snowy one according to data from the National Highway […]