Super Hydrophobic Nano-Coating Technology

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Our super hydrophobic nano coating products are developed and formulated by professional specialists based on nano-molecular coating technology.

Solvent Based AlwaysDry Textile Leather SprayBuy Now

The superhydrophobic nano particles in our products adhere directly to the surface of material molecule, thus allow the coated material surface to strongly repel any dirt, water, milk, fruit juices, oil, and even irritant chemical solutions. After our textile & leather spray coating you don’t have wet or clammy feelings with nano-coated hats, dresses and shoes on because our nano-particles do not seal the gaps of material molecules. You wouldn’t feel the differences from uncoated and coated clothes. Our products repel dirt, water and other tough liquids at molecular level!

We are now selling our second generation product which works well not only on textile & leather but also on surfaces of artificial structures, all wood surfaces, concretes, natural stones, electronic circuit board, plastics, cardboard & papers. Our second generation spray has more applications for different purposes.

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Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating — Wood & Stone Solvent Spray

Our wood and stone coating solvent formula contains additional nano-scale additives with anti-algae, anti-fungi, anti-bacteria and UV-blocking properties which do not dissolve in water. Our wood and stone super hydrophobic nano coating product offers a long term protection of window, concrete and stone patio, walks and steps, against the growths of water sensitive bacteria, mold and algae in outdoor environments.

Hydrophobic Nano Coating — Clean & Coat


Our Clean & Coat nano-cleaner product is developed for use on any non-porous surface, cleaning and protecting glass, metals, and painted surfaces. Treatment with the Clean & Coat nano-cleaner formulas provide cleaner surfaces lasting 300% longer than regular cleaners, as well as advanced scratch protection, and hydrophobic abilities.

SiO2 Based Nano-Coating Solutions

Glass Ceramic Coating Solution -- UHC-GCDetailed Info

These nano-coating solutions are designed to enable smooth, glass-like surfaces to have less contact with dirt particles. The hydro- and oleophobic effects cause particles of contamination such as grease, oil, lime and materials from environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates, and allow them to be easily removed from the coating, i.e. without applying abrasive agents (“Easy-clean” effect). This UHC-GC product is great for coating auto windshield and windows glass. It will protect your glass up to 10 years. Watch our videos.

Concrete Stone Mineral Coating -- UHC-CSDetailed Info

These products are optimized for absorbent surfaces. They can therefore be used as an invisible, water and contamination resistant, UV-stable coating of porous substrate surfaces, regardless of whether the surface is a natural stone such as sandstone, concrete, terracotta, clay brick or stone paneling. Floor or wall coatings, building facades, functional terracotta or roof tiles are all in the scope of application for this product. Since nano-coatings only apply an ultra-thin coating on the inside of the pores, the substrates remain breathable after the coating – the perfect structural protection. UHC-CS is great to coat granite, stone, concrete. The coated surfaces will become anti scratch and keep hydeophobic character for up to 10 years.

Plastic Metal Stainless Steel Coating -- UHC-PMDetailed Info

These coatings are suitable for smooth surfaces of plastic, stainless steel or painted surfaces because of their specific formulations. The hydro- and oleophobic effect causes the particles of contamination such as grease and oil, lime-scale and materials from environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates or and allow them to be easily removed from the coating surfaces, i.e. without applying abrasive agents (“Easy–clean” effect). The UHC-PM is great for auto car body coating. Car wash frequency will be reduced and the anti-scratch character will protect your car up to 10 years.

Wood Coating Solution -- UHC-WDetailed Info

This particularly effective surface protection from the field of nanotechnology protects almost every type of wood and cork against water, dirt and moss formation. The product features excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The resulting low surface energy leads to a significant reduction in substrate soiling and water absorption. The UHC-W will protect the coated wood surface up to 10 years!

Textile Fabric Leather Spray -- UHC-TexDetailed Info

This innovative fibre protection-product, based on nano technology, protects almost any type of textile fabrics and leather from water, dirt, contamination and stains – whilst remaining totally invisible! It will not affect the appearance, its ability to breath, its colour or handle and is easy to maintain. There is no difference on hydrophobic character after 40 times of machine laundry.

These products are exceedingly water-resistant on outdoor materials; keeping them drier longer. Oil, coffee and other frequent stains belong to the past, if the material is treated with our protective products.

Discovering the secrets of nature, and applying them for the happiness of human beings. All of our products are based on super hydrophobic nano coating technology which ideas were originally generated from natural phenomenons.