Superhydrophobic Application Manual

Water-based products (UHC-Tex®, UHC-CS®, UHC-W®)

1. Apply a fine spray of UHC at a distance of approximately 10 to 15cm onto the textiles. Spray on just enough to slightly dampen the substrate. A pooling should be avoided in all application techniques.superhydrophobic-concrete-stone-mineral-coating

2. Consumption:

A. The optimal effect is achieved by applying a quantity of approximately 25 to 100ml/m2 depending on the texture of the material.

B. The consumption on mineral surfaces depends on the absorbency of the substrate and is between 30 and 200ml/m².

C. Get UHC-Tex, UHC-CS or UHC-W samples from us? Please dump the nano coating solutions on your interested surface and let it dry. Test the hydrophobic effect after 24 hours.

Isopropal-based products (UHC-GC®, UHC-PM®)

1. Before applying UHC products, you must make sure that the surface (here: a windshield of a car as an example) is free of all types of dirt particles.superhydrophobic-application-instruction-method

2. If the surface is dirty, it must be cleaned before application. After cleaning, make sure that there is no cleanser residue on the surface.

3. Now moisten a paper or linen cloth with UHC product (either UHC-GC or UHC-PM). Or directly spray UHC product on the surface, which may save some solutions.

4. Immediately apply the coating to the surface with circling movements (can also be done with a polishing machine). Polish with a dry cloth to avoid any visible product residue.

5. Done! The coating is stable after 10 minutes. After 24 hours, it is abrasion and chemical resistant. Hydrophobic effect can only be test after 24 hours.Attention: Chemicals with a pH value of 13 and 14 can attack the coating!

6. If you get UHC-GC or UHC-PM samples, after cleaning and drying windshield glass please wet a piece of towel paper with the sample solution, and immediately apply coating as mentioned above.

Consumption: 5 -10 ml/m²

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