Superhydrophobic Coating For Cars


Turn Your Cars Into Superhydrophobic, Anti-Scratch, Anti-UV & Self-cleaning!

Have you ever driven in heavy rains? Bad vision is one of the main causes of accident in rainy day. It’s surprising but true that driving on a rainy day is more dangerous than driving on a snowy one according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Get your cars rain-ready! One of the safety tips is having better vision in rain, in addition to good tire thread. With our magic superhydrophobic coating sprays you can turn your cars into waterproof, water repellent, anti-scratch, anti-UV & self-cleaning! Get better vision in rain and avoid car accidents.

Superhydrophobic coating will play important roles in almost every fields from household to industry, medical hospital to airspace, etc. What is superhydrophobic? Superhydrophobic definition, according to Oxford dictionary, is repelling water to the degree that droplets do not flatten but roll off instead. A superhydrophobic (ultrahydrophobic) surface is difficult to wet (neverwet), and the superhydrophobic contact angle of liquid droplet exceed 150° (also known lotus effect).

So, what are superhydrophobic materials? And  how make superhydrophobic coating? Studies on the natural superhydrophobic phenomena have gained better knowledge at nano micro structure level. We get you covered! With our superhydrophobic coating solution, UHC-GC spray, you can turn your car windshield glass, window glass into hydrophobic. No matter how small the rain drop is, when it hit on your car windshield glass it will form water balls. It wouldn’t form “water flood” which normally blur your vision. Thus you will have better view of outside road situations when driving in heavy rain after your car glass is coated, which will significantly reduce the risk of car accident. Driving at 40 MPH you almost don’t have to use windshield wipers since the rain drops will form bigger water balls and flow away from your windshield. Please watch the video clips for nano-coated hydrophobic car driving in light and very heavy rain.

This superhydrophobic coating spray also works well on regular glass, window glass, bath shower glass closure, ceramic sink, bath tub, tile floor, toilet, etc. This UHC-GC car glass protection spray is listed as one of the best gifts under $100 in 2016 by rebateszone. You can get a coupon from there to enjoy the free shipping.

With our another super hydrophobic nano coating spray, UHC-PM, you can turn your car into anti-scratch, anti-UV and self-cleaning. The coated nano layer will protect cars from small scratch, color fading from Sun UV light damage, and reduces car wash frequency since the coated surface has easy-clean (self-clean) effect like lotus.When you drive in heavy rain the rain will easily rinse dirt off your car. With nano coated car body you can easily clean bug stains from spring, summer and fall seasons, especially when you drive in countryside.

These two superhydrophobic spray, UHC-GC and UHC-PM nano coating spray solutions, will protection your car for up to 10 years.

Our another superhydrophobic nano coating solution, UHC-TEX Spray, will protect your car seats, baby carseats from tea, coffee, fruit juices, pet dirt, all kinds of liquids stains. You can also use the super hydrophobic spray to your motorcycle seat, bike seat to protect them from rain, sun uv-light damage. It also can turn your shoes, pants, jacket, shirt, hat, hand bags, sofa, bed mattress, swing suits into waterproof, water resistant, water repellent.

Want to protect your deck wood? protect your stone or concrete steps from rain and ice forms from snow during winter? We have UHC-W and UHC-CS super hydrophobic nano coating solutions cover your needs. We also have another product, microfibe cloth, which can magically pick up light dirt on your car dashboard.