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Application Instruction of SiO2 Based Superhydrophobic Coating Solutions

General FAQ For Superhydrophobic Nano Coating

Q 1. What chemical solid is used to make UHC nano coatings?

SiO2(silicon dioxide) –the primary ingredient of glass

Q 2. Are UHC nano coatings dangerous or harmful to the environment?

No, they are safe for food and environmentally friendly. SiO2is an inert substance that surrounds us in nature. It is thus a “basic element” in nature.

Q 3. How are the strong anti-stick properties and hydrophobia created?

The contained functional group leads to the formation of an extremely low surface energy on the substrate surface. These layers are characterized by very good hydro-and oleophobic finishes and anti-stick effects.

Q 4. Are the coatings breathable?


Q 5. How can it be that a permanent coating can hold on elastic surfaces like textiles without breaking?

The SiO2 layer on the substrate surface is so thin (100 nanometers) that elasticity is guaranteed without changing the look, feel or other properties of the textile

Q .6 Why is the term nano-“sealing” actually wrong?

A sealing always means an airtight coating of the substrate. But SiO2 coatings are breathable.

Q 7. Is the name “Nano” protected?

No! Unfortunately, manufacturers of low-quality and outdated technologies are also trying to ride the “Nano” wave. Nano is only a unit of measurement. Layer thicknesses below 100-200 nm are normally referred to as nano technology.  Caution: There are many companies that write “Nano” on their products that have nothing to do with SiO2 or TiO2!

Q 8. What is the difference between the different quality sectors?
The portion of active components in the formulation. These are responsible for the beading behavior and for abrasion resistance on certain surfaces.

Q 9. Are there health risks?
No! In their hardened state, UHC nano coatings are even safe in food.

Q 10. Are UHC Nano-Coating products environmentally friendly?
Yes! No hazardous substances are created during production.
Nano products also create enormous cost savings in the field of cleaning and the use of chemical cleaners

Q 11. Do I need to pay attention to the weather when I want to apply a coating outside?
Water-based products should not be used below 2°C. It should not be raining during application

Q 12. What is the drying time for nano coatings? Can it be accelerated?
Water-stable: after complete drying of the solvent in the product
Abrasion-and chemical-stable: after 24 hours
We recommend a drying time of 24 hours for all tests
The drying time can be accelerated by heat (150°C=302°F)