SiO2 Based Nano-Coating For Plastics, Painted Surfaces & Precious Metals — UHC-PM

The silicon dioxide (SiO2) based non-stick ultra hydrophobic spray coating is suitable for smooth surfaces of plastic, precious metal or painted surfaces because of their specific formulations. The hydro- and oleophobic effect causes the particles of contamination such as grease and oil, lime-scale and materials from environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates or and allow them to be easily removed from the nano-coating, i.e. without applying abrasive agents (“Easy–clean” effect).

Examples of use of ultra hydrophobic spray:

  • Plastic surfaces in sanitary areas (plexiglass shower cabinet)
  • Automotive paint
  • Painted aluminum rims
  • Stainless steel surfaces

Product characteristics:

  • Strong hydrophobicity
  • Strong non-stick properties
  • Excellent easy-clean effect on contamination and lime-scale

Other properties:

  • Food-safe (inert)
  • Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100-150 nm)
  • Permanent (UV-stable, very resistant to abrasion)
  • Temperature resistant
  • Breathable
  • Simple application (do-it-yourself)
  • Chemical resistant

Advantages of SiO2 based ultra hydrophobic spray in comparison with competitive products

Permanence and longevity:

  • the UV-stability enables functionality for a number of years, approximately the lifetime of the coated surface
    Many competitive products are damaged slowly by sunlight

Abrasion-resistant easy-to-clean effect:

  • a permanent chemical bond with the substrate enables excellent abrasion resistance
    Many competitive products can be easily removed by abrasion

Chemical stability:

  • The product is resistant to almost all standard household and industrial cleaners (with the exception of concentrated lye)
    Many competitive products must be reapplied after cleaning the surface


Simple do-it-yourself application makes it suitable for end-customers as well:

  • Industrial: Available as polish-coat systems or spray-coating systems.
  • Manual: Application with circular motion using a clean paper, linen or microfibre cloth.

The nano-coating is completely networked and hardened after 24 hours. The easy-to-clean effect can only be tested after this hardening phase


1. After coating a plastic, you can’t tell the difference between the uncoated substrate!

Additives that trigger a beading effect can be used in the production of plastics. In this case, they should be removed through plasma treatment. After a longer period of time, these additives break down on their own since they are usually not UV-stable.

Principle: It is better to coat an older plastic than a new plastic!

2. Can I also coat car paint with UHC-PM?

Yes! This product is great for car body to generate an anti-scratch and anti-UV damage nano-layer. It also reduce car-wash frequency.

3. Can I also coat aluminum wheels with UHC-PM?


4. Can I also coat stainless steel surfaces with UHC-PM?